About Us

We are Team SoloCano. Coffee is what we definitely cannot miss while working. SoloCano is not just a name but also dedicates the spirit that we yearn for. The aroma of coffee stimulates alpha waves (8-13Hz) in the brain, creating a relaxed and cheerful mood, which is also a reflection of creative and artistic thinking. Intaking caffeine will further stimulate the beta waves (13-32Hz), help people enter a state of focus, thinking, decision-making, and learning new concepts.


Derived from the idea of the brain waves, SoloCano is the turning point of the brain's transition from alpha waves to beta waves. It symbolizes the spirit of practicing creativity, solving problems with beautiful designs, and improving the quality of life.


Everyone in our team is a coffee enthusiast. For us, coffee is science, it's art, it is our daily life. That is why we designed SoloCano, dedicated to elevating coffee experience, to help more people enjoy tasting good coffee and also making it.


Please back us, and make it happen!



Room 216, No.162 Xianglong Road, Nanmingshan Street, Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province (Lijing National Industrial Park)